Dinas Printing House

The world consists of colors - we will print any

PE `Firma`Dinas`
Chubanova st. 1, Zaporizhzhe,
Ukraine, 69118
(+38) 061-228-0570
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  • Solid cardboard

    Creative design – the way for success

    Dinas have a wide experience in production of packing using various kinds of a solid cardboard. For optimal solution for creating your packaging we

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  • Corrugated cardboard

    We guide our customers to the best packaging solution for their needs.

    We offer many variants for corrugated cardboard packaging. This kind of packaging can be used for different industries:

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  • Label

    The Dinas printing house produces labels of the superior quality from different types of paper.

    Our company can create any kind of labels which will meet most fully requirements of

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  • Printing advertisement

    The Dinas printing house makes quality print advertizing which promotes advance of the companies in the market. Also we make image polygraphy with symbolics of your enterprise which will adequately

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  • Industry-specific solutions

    Packing for industrial group of goods has to be not only attractive externally, but also to conform to many requirements, one of which — reliability. The Dinas printing house makes packing

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