Dinas Printing House

The world consists of colors - we will print any

PE `Firma`Dinas`
Chubanova st. 1, Zaporizhzhe,
Ukraine, 69118
(+38) 061-228-0570
(+38) 061-228-0571
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Packing for industrial group of goods has to be not only attractive externally, but also to conform to many requirements, one of which — reliability. The Dinas printing house makes packing as according to your drawings, and developed by us.

We has expirience in producing packing for:

  • food and confectionary
  • ware and tableware
  • souvenirs
  • cosmetics
  • spare parts and details
  • automobile goods
  • locks
  • electrogoods
  • clothes
  • linen
  • medical production

and a lot another